Acoustic guitar


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The acoustic guitar is a versatile instrument frequently used in both pop, rock and folk music.


At the AKKS guitar course, you learn about different styles and techniques. At the beginner’s course, Acoustic guitar 1, you get an introduction to the guitar as an instrument and you learn different techniques, basic chords and simple riffs. You are able to start playing simple songs early.

At the advanced course, Acoustic guitar 2, you will learn even advanced more songs, chords and techniques. You dive into more advanced musical styles and improvisation, as well as learning fingerstyle guitar.

Our courses are largely tailored to the skills of the participants. The courses are originally in Norwegian but can be adapted to accommodate the English speaking students.

All our courses focus on the joy of playing music, as well as mastering the instrument on every step of the way. The courses are usually in small groups consisting of 3 to 5 participants.


Info about the course

  • Bring your own guitar and tuner.
  • You can also rent a guitar if you do not have one yourself.
  • Each course consists of groups of no more than 5 participants.
  • The course period is 5 weeks, with each session lasting 2 hours (including break time)

Music should be available to everyone

Your personal economy shouldn’t be a barrier if you want to participate in music activities. If you’re under 18 you or your parents/legal guardians can apply to get reduces fees or the fee completely covered by us. If you’re a holder of Aktivitetskortet (The Activity Card from Bergen Kommune), you can use it here.

To make use of this offer, please check the boxes that apply in the application form. The offer is supported and funded by Bufdir.

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