The Eggstock Festival

The Eggstock Festival is organized by AKKS Bergen, and is a festival where young, local, up and coming artists get a chance to play live in front of an audience. Many artists have had one of their firsts at Eggstock, and their careers have just skyrocketed from there. Eggstock is a vital stepping stone for the local music scene, and because it is free for all ages several teens and kids have their first festival experience here – either as volunteers, artists or audience members.

The artists book themselves, so everyone gets a chance to play if you’re quick enough. Previous acts are Sondre Lerche, Major Parkinson, Thea Hjelmeland, Tarjei Strøm, Razika, Silja Sol and boy Pablo. The festival runs over three days, twelve artists playing on the first two and the jury’s favourites get to play in the finale on the last day.

The artists compete to win great prizes, kindly gifted to us by our partners and sponsors from the local community. The winners are chosen by a jury consisting of renowned professionals from the local music scene.

The festival usually takes place in the first week of June. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates.