Regular rehearsals

If you are a band who practice a lot, it can be worthwhile to book regular rehearsals. We will then have the room is reserved for you a fixed time of the week, and in addition you get the exercises at a reduced price.


Regular rehearsals requires membership in AKKS, and that you sign lease agreement with us for the period you want to rent the room. The lease agreement is digital and can then be renewed via e-mail if you wish to end the rental period or extend it.

To get a discount on rehearsals, you must book at least four sessions.

It is possible to book drop-in sessions outside of your regular sessions. You will also receive these at a reduced rent price.

Payment for practice
Price terms fixed agreement 2020: 700, – for four sessions (175, – per session).
Invoice will be sent per. email approx. once a month.

Book regular rehearsals?

  1. First, see which sessions are available in our booking calendar. Send us an inquiry on a permanent rehearsals via email or phone 55557555.
  2. One then fills out a lease agreement with info about the band and the rental period.
  3. We will then activate a code for the band that gives the band access to the rehearsal room during the rental period.
  4. After a month’s rent, the first invoice for the exercise will come per. email to the contact person.

Lease agreement