Drop in booking

Dropin is for those who want practice “now and then”.
Only AKKS Bergen can enter sessions in the calendar.

To book DROPIN sessions the band must have signed a DROPIN contract.

Pricing terms pr. DROPIN session (3 hours)

AKKS member * Student Ordinary
Band 200,- 250,- 320,-
Solo (only 1 person) 130,- 150,- 200,-

* Member Price for the session assumes that all of the band members are members of AKKS in the current year.

Payment for rehearsal
It is possible to pay for the session by invoice* after the session, sent by email, by Paypal or by card at the AKKS- office.
Note cancellations must be made 48 hours before the session, otherwise you will be billed for the session.
*Invoice is not an option if you have many unpaid invoices.

Booking form