Rehearsal spaces

AKKS Bergen rents out 5 fully equipped rehearsal rooms on the 2nd floor at USF Verftet, Monday to Sunday.

Do you wish to rent a rehearsal room?

The rehearsal rooms are rented out on a session basis with the following 3-hour intervals Monday to Sunday:
08:00 – 11:00 *, 11:00 – 14:00, 14:00 – 17:00, 17:00 – 20:00 and 20:00 – 23:00
* weekdays only
Click here for your own opening hours during Easter, summer and Christmas holidays, as well as on public holidays at AKKS Bergen.

Own prices for you who want to practice regularly, e.g. one regular session a week. Kr 175 * pr. session if you book four or more sessions.
* assumes that the entire band is registered in AKKS. Kr 50 pr. band member throughout the year. Read more here.

Submit a booking request here!

The booking process

1.) Register as a customer

If this is your first time practicing with us, you must fill out a dropin contract with contact info so that we can create a customer profile with us

2.) What sessions are available?

The calendar at the bottom shows all rooms and all times that are free or busy.
The fields that are not occupied are vacant.
We recommend using the calendar in each room, as it is easier to see which sessions are available:
Calender Rom A
Calender Rom B
Calender Rom C
Calender Rom D
Calender Rom E

3.) Reserve room

Contact us either by
submit a booking request here,
send us an email at,
or contact us on tel: 55 55 75 55.
Note: Bookings are only confirmed during AKKS office hours, Monday – Friday at. 10 am – 3 pm.

4.) The booking is confirmed

We will then place the booking in the calendar, if the room is available, and you will receive a confirmation by mail, with a code for the rehearsalroom.
Only AKKS Bergen can place bookings in the calendar.

5.) Cancellation deadline

The cancellation deadline for booked rehearsal is 48 hours before the agreed rehearsal period.
You will therefore be billed for rehearsal that are not canceled by this deadline.

6.) Payment

You can either pay for the exercise after it is confirmed via VIPPS or Paypal. Info about this is in the booking email.
Otherwise, an invoice will be sent by mail one to two weeks after the exercise.

Price terms per dropin session (3 hours):

The membership price for rehearsal assumes that everyone in the band is a member of AKKS this year.

Do you attend AKKS courses and want to practice?

Click here for information and booking of exercises for course participants!

Wheelchair accessibility

Our rehearsal room, room D, has a ramp into the room so that it can be accessible for wheelchair users, otherwise AKKS Bergen’s rehearsal rooms and course rooms are not adapted for wheelchair users. To enter room D, you must use entrance H or the main entrance where an elevator is available. We recommend having a companion for rehearsals, as there are heavy doors to the room and the code box hangs on the wall.

Our calender for all our rooms: