LOUD! Band camp

LOUD! is a collaboration between JM Norway and AKKS, and is a music camp for girls, non binary and transgender people. Through a week filled with songwriting, band exercises, concerts and new friendships, we work to create self-confidence, unity and musical interest. The camp is suitable for participants who have played in a band before and for those who want to try something new! AKKS Bergen organizes LOUD! during the autumn holidays, and if this sparks further interest, there is also an annual summer camp in Fredrikstad with participants from all over the country!

Read more about LOUD! summer camp here.


LOUD! Band camp in Bergen

Use the autumn holiday to get to know new people, try different instruments, play in a band and create your own songs! LOUD! is a band camp arranged for girls and transgender people aged 11–16, at daytime during the autumn holidays, at USF Verftet. No prior knowledge is required to participate, and the participants are guided by experienced instructors from the music scene in Bergen. The camp week includes band exercises, various workshops, as well as getting to know other music enthusiasts. We end the week with a concert for friends and family.

Read more about LOUD! in the autumn holidays at our course site (only in Norwegian).