GAIN – music production course for women, trans and non-binary

It is a fact that there are too few female music producers. The question is why?

As a reaction to this part of the music industry also being male-dominated, GAIN was established in 2017 as a collaborative project between AKKS Bergen and EDDA Music. Together with Lydriket Studio, they started working on how to recruit more women to this field. GAIN is for women, trans and non-binary between the ages of 16 and 25, previous knowledge is not required as long as you are interested in music and music production.

GAIN consists of different courses and workshops on studio equipment and techniques. In addition to our main instructor, Peter Sæverud, we invite guest producers – primarily female – to participate as instructors at the courses. Sandra Kolstad, Ary, Kristian Fanavold, Jessica Sligter and Anne Lise Frøkedal have all guested GAIN.

Our goal is to inspire young girls to produce music and build a bridge between them and the professional producers – making it easier to enter the profession. Hopefully, we will contribute to see more female producers in the future!


Please email us at for more information about GAIN – or check out our Facebook page.



GAIN 2019-2020 is funded by Norsk Kulturråd