Music production workshop

Foto: Øystein Haara

4 weeks producer workshop with Paperclip Studios

– and introduction to recording and studio production

In this workshop, we start with a completed idea for a song and work through the steps of production, recording, and the basic principles for mixing a song. The course runs over 4 weeks, where we delve into the world of the producer, and follow the process of recording a demo.

The course is based on pop and electronic music. During the course we will finish 1–2 recordings, adjust the frequencies and dynamics of the recorded tracks, and prepare the song for the mix. It will be a theoretical introduction to DAW, EQ, compressor and FX, and we will test how it all works in practice.

Our courses are largely tailored to the skills of the participants. The courses are originally in Norwegian but can be adapted to accommodate the English speaking students. To see when the next course will start and to sign up for the course please visit our Norwegian page.

Foto: Øystein Haara


  • Each participant must bring headphones and their own laptop with software to arrange and produce music, also called Digital Audio Workstation. The focus will be on practical exercise in the techniques along the way. The workshop focuses on the part of the process that comes after creating a song with a melody and will discuss how to record the song. It is, therefore, an advantage if you have made a demo before, as the workshop will not deal with composing.
  • It is an advantage with some knowledge of music software such as Logic Pro, Cubase or Ableton Live, and some experience with music production.


Practical information about the course

  • The course demonstrations will take place in the Logic Pro X music program.
  • In order to get the most out of the course content, it is expected that you work with what is learned on the course between the course days.
  • The teaching takes place in groups of maximum 6 participants.
  • The course runs over 4 times with 4 hours of teaching (including break time) per week.
  • The course is hold at Paperclip Studios, Frydenbølien 19 på Gyldenspris.


Prices producer workshop in autumn 2020

kr. 1 990 * Course fee 25 years or younger or student including Membership in AKKS 2020
kr. 2 190 * Course fee 26 years or older including membership in AKKS 2020
kr. 3 000 Course fee if you do not want membership
* If you are already AKKS member, you will only pay for the course fee without a subscription

Music activity for everyone

AKKS Bergen does not want economics to stand in the way of participation at our courses. We therefore have a limited number of places that are free for those under 18 and where the family has limited finances. To use this offer, you select this at the courseregistration form. If you have the Activity Card from Bergen kommune, this can also be used with us. If you have any questions, please contact us at This is supported by BUFDIR.


About the instructors

Paperclip Studios is a professional sound and music studio in Bergen. The studio offers services in all processes in the creation and completion of music and sound.

Paperclip Studios embraces everything from composition and songwriting, through recording and sound design to mixing and mastering. The main emphasis is on popular music and electronic.

The producers are Johannes Hallanger and Magnus Lauritzen, who have worked together for 10 years, and both have educational backgrounds from Music Production at the University. Previously, they have worked with established artists such as Aurora and Sigrid, and made sound mixing for Kygo. Today, they work with artists affiliated with Sony and Universal.

Foto: Øystein Haara

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