Electric guitar

Foto: Caroline Årvoll

The electric guitar has been the very symbol of rock music for a long time but is a versatile instrument which can be utilised in several genres. By using certain pedals and amplifiers you can shape your sound into virtually any style.

Our courses focus on a feeling of mastery and joy of playing, and the teaching takes place in a safe environment, in groups of up to four participants. Large parts of the courses will be arranged according to the level of the participants and your music preferences. If you do not have your own guitar, it is possible to rent from us.

Beginner course 

In our beginner course in electric guitar, you get an introduction to the guitar as an instrument and how to use the amplifier. The course will give you what you need to get started with guitar playing and playing songs. We work with playing technique, basic chords and simple riffs. Through exercises you learn to maneuver on the guitar neck and hit the right strings when you play.

We also go through how to tune the guitar and start playing simple songs early, alone or together in the group. The course requires no prior knowledge and is for you who have not played before or played very little.

Advance course

In the advance guitar course, you will get an expanded song and chord repertoire, an insight into more advanced playing styles and improvisation. In addition, we learn finger play.

Through exercises, we work to develop scope, technique, speed and intonation so that you develop as an instrumentalist. The course gives you musical development to become a better performer on your instrument and a better basis for interaction and solo playing. We recommend at least two level 1 courses to sign up here.

Foto: Caroline Årvoll

Practical about the course
  • An amplifier is available for each course participant in the course room. Participants need to bring their own guitar with jack cable and tuner.
  • It is possible to rent a guitar if you do not have it. The rental price is NOK 200 for the course period. Select this in the registration.
  • Included in the course price is a compendium with practical info on guitar playing.
  • It is possible to practice for free in AKKS ‘rehearsal rooms between the course days, Monday to Friday before kl. 17:00 and on weekends Friday to Saturday 11-23.
  • The teaching takes place in groups of a maximum of 5 participants.
  • The course runs over 6 times with 1.5 hours of teaching (incl. Break) each course day.
  • The course is held at USF Verftet, 2nd floor.
AKKS course for us with disabilities

If you need to bring an assistant or companion to the course, state this in the registration form and we can arrange for this. Unfortunately, our course rooms are not wheelchair accessible. Feel free to get in touch and we can look at how we can arrange for you to participate.

We have three type of courses: 
  • Youth course 12 to 16 years
  • Ordinary courses from 15 years- no no upper age limits.

Our courses focus the joy of playing music, as well as mastering the instrument on every step of the way. The teaching takes place in a safe environment, in groups of up to five participants. Large parts of the courses will be arranged according to the level of the participants.

To see when the next gitar course will start and to sign up for the course please visit out Norwegian page:

Electric guitar course for beginners

Guitar advance-course

Electric guitar course for young people 12 to 16 years


See our Norwegian page for information.

Music activity for everyone

AKKS Bergen does not want economics to stand in the way of participation at our courses. We therefore have a limited number of places that are free for those under 18 and where the family has limited finances. To use this offer, you select this at the courseregistration form. If you have the Activity Card from Bergen kommune, this can also be used with us. If you have any questions, please contact us at kontoret@bergen.akks.no. This is supported by BUFDIR.

If you have any questions, please contact us at kontoret@bergen.akks.no