Band course

Find someone to play with at AKKS’ band course!

AKKS’ band course is for those of you who wants to meet other musicians and learn how to play together in a band. The course starts with a short introduction to song writing, and then we start playing together.

You and your band choose two or three songs that you work on during the course weeks. You work together with an instructor with broad experience from the music scene. The instructor will guide the bands in song material, interaction and communication.

The band courses are very social, with focus on interaction, music understanding and fun. You will here get lots of musical training! We try to put together bands based on age and genre preferences as best we can.

Our courses are largely tailored to the skills of the participants. The courses are originally in Norwegian but can be adapted to accommodate the English speaking students. To see when the next bandcourse will start and to sign up for the course please visit our Norwegian page.

Course set-up

  • We spend the first day getting to know each other. We will also have a short introduction to song writing.
  • After that we divide the group into bands and go down to our rehearsal rooms to start playing.
  • The bands are put together according to the instrument you play, and we try to take age and genre into account.
  • The bands start rehearsing the songs they have decided to play, or they can start making their own song.
  • You then choose a band name, write a small presentation of the band, make a raider and get ready to play at the AKKS concert. The concert will take place in Tegleverket at Kvarteret, where you can invite friends and family. Prior to the concert there will be soundcheck and of course hang-out in the backstage area.


The course is for both beginner- and advanced participants. The only prerequisite is that you can play an instrument. If you come straight from the instrument course or have learned to play an instrument on your own, you can still register for the band course. The instructor will help you to adapt the song material to your level.

Practical information about the course

  • Bring your instrument: guitar, drumsticks, bass or other.
  • Amplifiers, microphones, piano and drum kit are on the premises.
  • If you don’t have a guitar or bass AKKS Bergen has some for rent.
  • The bands will be put together according to the instrument you are playing. There are usually 3-5 people in each band.
  • In addition to the course days, each band receives one weekly rehearsal session (3h) for free during the course period, in AKKS Bergen’s rehearsal rooms at USF Verftet. Day and time for the weekly rehearsal is agreed internally within the band.
  • The course runs for six weeks, with 3 hours of teaching (including break) per week.
  • The course is being held at USF Verftet, on the 2nd floor with AKKS’s rehearsal rooms

Prices bandcourse in autumn 2020

kr. 1 090 * Course fee 25 years or younger or student including Membership in AKKS 2020
kr. 1 290 * Course fee 26 years or older including membership in AKKS 2020
kr. 2 500 Course fee if you do not want membership
* If you are already AKKS member, you will only pay for the course fee without a subscription

Music activity for everyone

AKKS Bergen does not want economics to stand in the way of participation at our courses. We therefore have a limited number of places that are free for those under 18 and where the family has limited finances. To use this offer, you select this at the courseregistration form. If you have the Activity Card from Bergen kommune, this can also be used with us. If you have any questions, please contact us at This is supported by BUFDIR.