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AKKS Bergen offers courses and workshops with professional musicans from Bergen’s music scene. All our courses focus on the joy of playing music, as well as mastering the instrument on every step of the way.

Our courses are held in Norwegian, but it is possible to join for those who speak English if you know a little Norwegian.

When and where do we hold courses

AKKS Bergen’s regular music-courses starts in February, April, September and November, and is being held at USF Verftet in the center of Bergen. In addition, we have shorter courses and workshops, with topics such as music production, songwriting and concert production.

For better gender balance in music life

AKKS works for better gender balance in music life. Our courses are open to all genders, with the exception of GAIN – a producer project and the LOUD Band Camp which is for girls, non-binaries and transgender people.

Age limit on courses

From the spring of 2022, we have youth courses for those between 12 and 16 years old, while our ordinary courses are from 15 years and up. We have no upper age limit, but will prioritize those between 14 to 26 years in the event of a large demand.

Group course

All our courses are group courses. If there are few participants, we may have to cancel the course. The course will then be refunded if the course is paid for.

Safe and motivating learning environment on courses at AKKS

For us at AKKS, it is important that all course participants have a good course experience and feel safe in our courses. At AKKS, there must be room to try, make mistakes, ask questions and grow.

Discounted and free course places

AKKS Bergen has a limited number of places that are free or at a reduced price if you are under 26 years old and where the family has limited finances.

Terms for registration

Registration for our courses is binding. We have limited places on each course, and we therefore have no cancellation deadline for our courses. When submitting registration, you are bound to pay the course fee. This means that the course fee must be paid even if the course participant does not attend the course or end the course.

AKKS course for us with disabilities

If you need to bring an assistant or companion to the course, state this in the registration form and we can arrange for this. Unfortunately, our course rooms are not wheelchair accessible. Feel free to get in touch and we can look at how we can arrange for you to participate.

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