Foto: Kristoffer Øen

AKKS Bergen offers courses and workshops with professional musicans from Bergen’s music scene. All our courses focus on the joy of playing music, as well as mastering the instrument on every step of the way.

Our regular courses start in February, April, September and November and is being held at USF Verftet in the center of Bergen. In addition, we have shorter courses and workshops, with topics such as music production, songwriting and concert production.

With the exception of GAIN – a producer project for girls and LOUD! band camp, AKKS Bergen’s courses are open to all genders. Junior courses are for those between 9-13 years, while our regular courses are from 14 years onwards. We have no upper age limit, but will prioritize those between 14-26 years in the event of a high demand.

The courses are originally in Norwegian but can be adapted to accommodate the English speaking students.

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