UFLAKKS Bergen is a youth’s concert promoter that plan and execute concerts for youth – by youth.

Kjartan Lauritzen 2016 Foto: Helge Brekke

UFLAKKS is a series of concerts by and for youth. Today, the group consists of 15 members aged 14–20, who are actively looking for new, exciting music as well as arranging alcohol free concerts with a free age limit.

The goal of UFLAKKS is to teach youth how to organize concerts, increase the offer of concerts for youth in Bergen, as well as highlighting young and promising local bands. Do this sound like something for you? Are you interested in putting on concerts? Or maybe you want to play at UFLAKKS? Contact us by email, bergen@uflakks.no, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

UFLAKKS was founded in 2013 following an inaugural conference organized by Norske Konsertarrangører and Brak, where a group of young people expressed their desire to improve the concert offerings for youth, and that they wanted to learn to organize concerts themselves.

AKKS Bergen took the wish seriously and invited the young people into the planning phase of what would later develop into becoming UFLAKKS. Five years later, we see that the project has gained a foothold in several places in the country. The number of youth organizers and cultural experiences for young people has increased significantly and shows how important it is to take youth seriously.