AKKS Bergen creates safe spaces where artists get the chance to perform, regardless of skill and age.

Kakkmaddafakka playing at a UFLAKKS concert. Photo: Kristoffer Øen

For our course participants, we organise the AKKS concert at the end of each course period. There they get to show off what they’ve learned during the course period. If you haven’t attended any of our courses but still use our rehearsal spaces, you can play at “AKKS presents: Thursday rock”“AKKS presents: Thursday rock” is a collaboration between AKKS Bergen and Hulen, and is put on once each semester.

Are you under 18 and can’t find a legal guardian to bring with you to concerts? No worries, AKKS Bergen runs the youth concert promoter UFLAKKS, which organises concerts for youth with no age limit. UFLAKKS consists of a group of youths, and they can promise you fresh artists and unforgettable experiences. The group puts on a series of concerts throughout the year, and the youths themselves are in charge of every aspect of the concert production; from booking to marketing and logistics.

If you’d rather be on stage than in the audience, we also organise the long-standing festival “Eggstockfestivalen” in early June each year. The festival dates back to the sixties, and is a stepping stone for young, local and unestablished artists in Vestland. The festival is open to all ages.

We also put on several other events during the year, such as AKKS bingo and a celebration of International Women’s Day. Follow us on Facebook to stay up do date.