Become a volunteer!

AKKS Bergen is an idealistic music organization that offers courses in rhythmic and electronic music from a basic level, rents out rehearsal rooms at USF Verftet, and arranges concerts for young, unestablished artists and bands. We are also the initiator of the youth organizer group UFLAKKS, as well as being the organizer of the music festival for the youth; Eggstockfestivalen.

In 2020 AKKS Bergen is celebrating 25 years, and we hope you will join in the celebration!

What do I do as a volunteer?

Initially, the work will consist of helping to run our concerts and events, including UFLAKKS concerts, the Eggstock festival at Kvarteret, The Sound from the Rehearsal room at Hulen, the AKKS concert at Kvarteret, and the AKKS bingo at Apollon. In addition, the tasks will be to do poster rounds, participate in «dugnad», and work on stand.

We are also open to ideas and suggestions if you have anything else you want to contribute with, such as photo and film.

  • Work at three events per semester.
  • Do two-four poster rounds on a predetermined route, depending on need.
  • Take part in «dugnad» for AKKS once per semester.
  • Contribute with other personal skills, such as photo and film.

Why volunteer at AKKS Bergen?

You get to participate actively for equality, diversity and youth in the music industry. You get new experiences, meet new people, get great convert experiences, and do an important job for the music scene in Bergen.

What do I get as a volunteer?

  • To participate actively for equality, diversity and for youth in the music industry.
  • Discount on courses.
  • Free entrance on all events organized by AKKS Bergen.
  • Experience from the music industry.
  • Extended network and new contacts.
  • Voluntary engagement certificate.

Would you like to volunteer? Contact Event Manager Ragnhild at for more info.

We look forward to welcoming you to #akksfamilien!

Foto: Helge Brekke