Arrangørakademiet is a festival school for young people between the age of 15–25 who wants to engage in organizational cultural work. Arrangørakademiet is a pilot project initiated and carried out by AKKS Bergen.

About the project

The goal is to create better events that are accessible to youth. At present, several other institutions in the Western Region are trying to arrange similar events, but rarely do they succeed in creating something relevant to the target group. In these situations, Arrangørakademiet can help by contributing with youth participation, resource groups and ambassadors of music – directly from the primary target group.

The cultural opportunities for young people in Bergen and the surrounding areas are buzzing like never before. There are several youth houses, courses, and other activities intended for this target group, who are in the middle between children and adults. This group that has not been taken seriously in the past and has therefore had to accept offers for children or create something for themselves.

The time for unorganized activities is over. Everything is expected to be well organized and run by adults, FAU, or the municipality. You must be registered here and there, apply for permits, funds, obtain information and much more. But what does this do with the activities that the youths previously could, and had to, create and organize themselves?

Young people have much more to offer than adults think and are in fact capable of creating a great offer for themselves. By involving youth in the process and not only ask them what they want, but also challenge them to create it themselves, youth are given the opportunity to participate in more ways than just as passive audience members.

When AKKS Bergen in 2018 was contacted by the organizer of Tall Ships Races Bergen 2019, asking us for help talking to young people, it was important for us that the youth should also have the opportunity to learn something for themselves, and not just tell the adults what they wanted. After working closely with youth for a number of years, two things became clear – no one knows them as well as they know themselves, and youth have an enormous amount of knowledge, resources and ideas.

The project evolved, and in the end the focus group had become a festival school, where the participants worked closely with each other while they were being coached in festival production by the festival organizers themselves. AKKS Bergen continued the success in 2019, and then Borealis – a festival for experimental music – became the case and partner for the project. A new group of young aspiring organizers came together to learn about artist booking, volunteering, communication and production, and together they developed a whole new concept, Rift.